Saturday, 9 July 2016


These posts over the next little while  are an ongoing journal from my time spent with God.  They were inspired by a journey I began with my friend Ky, who committed to pray with me for 21 days. Each day she would call me in Kenya and we would share what God laid in our hearts and we would pray together.  To my astonishment, what I found was that everyday, without fail, when I made time for God, He made time for me.  I began to see that God was regularly speaking things to my heart..... every day!  I was surprise to see that He has so much to much to say to me!  I didn't want miss a thing...not one beat of His heart.  So hear is my record of time spent with Him.  (Math 7:7-8 John 10:3-5)

I had a nap late this afternoon, to rest and reboot.  After waking up, I was remembering a bit of a dream but more than that I just felt an encouragement in my heart.  Lately I have been hearing these whispering's from the Holy Spirit.

I call them a whisper because they are so fleeting that many times one could easily dismiss them away, unnoticed.  It is like it wafts by like a sweet momentary fragrance carried by a gentle wind.  The kind you might get passing someone carrying a box of freshly baked croissants.  Not the lingering kind you would get passing by a bakery, but rather a brief one that you would have to be present for, or you would miss it.

I’ve been growing keen in my spirit and when I catch a whiff of that sweet fragrance, I stop and pay attention.  I give Him my time, I still myself and concentrate on what He is saying.  Then I toss it over in my mind and meditate on it in my heart and hope begins to take flight.

I begin to worship Him and thank Him, and the idea begins to take shape and my heart is encouraged, my spirit is lifted and I know I am following Him.  I am following what is right and it brings life and goodness.  I walk away in strength, with a plan, with direction and His leading.  His peace rests on it and there is joy and I move forward in Him.

On one of those days, when He began to whisper in my ear, something beautiful began to take shape in my heart.  I was feeling particularly low that day.  By the time night had found me, I was on an out of control binge with food, trying to stuff the pain that was sneaking its way out of my heart.  Caught in sin…one could say.  I was turning to food and not to Him.

When all of a sudden He whispered.  What if God has a banquet, right where the enemy wants me to binge and eat?  I leaned in to listen….I was curious about what He could mean…He had my full attention as I stopped dead in my tracks of another mouth full of potato chips.

Another whisper, this time leaving an impression in my heart of this beautiful infilling of the presence of God.  A banquet so lavish…so deeply nourishing, wonderful, delightful, and fulfilling.  Filling up places that no man, with the kindest of words could reach.  

So tender and loving it melted my heart along with any possible care or concern.  So consuming and passionate it took my breath away, inviting me in for more…to be filled and overflowing, not lacking anywhere, hungry no more but longing for that deep meaningful affection that only He could satisfy.

Then a question arose…..  Would He really do that?  I laughed with a knowing, that it would be just like the kindness of God to take my current biggest weakness and turn it into a beautiful place of refreshing and strength. 

I lingered there….recognizing His presence and love.  I began to worship Him.  So delighted in the idea and the very truth of His heart.  That revelation of who He is!  He loves to visit our place of weakness with the love of Himself and turned what use to be a temptation or desert or broken place into an oasis of love, strength and beauty. 

What use to be my place of torment, my former place of shame becomes my holy visitation of His presence and love which then becomes my victory, my testimony of His love and faithfulness.  My breaking through because Christ always leads us in victory and the Holy Spirit always guides us into the fullness of truth.  (2 Corth 2:14, John 16:13)  The truth in Christ.

How remarkable is our God!

Now when the night hours come, I get excited about how my God is going to meet with me.

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