Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Our God is still alive, raising the dead, healing the sick, causing the lame to walk and the blind to see!

After experiencing another series of hardships throughout the month of December 2014, it does my heart good to hear this beautiful, testimony that we receive just a few days ago.  I have notice that every time we prepare for a crusade, it appears that all hell breaks loose in our lives.  Cars break down, family gets seriously sick and simple effortless things, involve monumental amounts of effort, time and repetition and sometimes still don’t work! 

It use to frustrate, exhaust and discourage me….it wasn't pretty!  The Holy Spirit began to challenge me, to keep a good attitude in the midst of it.  He was asking me to remain in His peace and joy, keeping a good, patient and positive attitude and also a resolute posture of faith.  An impossible task for me!  This could never be accomplished in my own strength and I relied completely on Christ as I turned to Him in prayer and worship, throughout.  Although, I can’t confess that I have done this perfectly, I have improved dramatically!

Countless times after doing that, we have seen God move in incredible ways during the crusade, not to mention how much better my heart feels with a lot less damage and casualties around me, who no longer have to endure my sharp stressful attitude or bemoaning complaints.  God is refining me, pruning those nasty branches and I am, like it or not….maturing!  LOL!

So after rising above all that was taking place in December, Silas and I rushed back from Nairobi as he was the guest speaker in a crusade in Obambo.  There was a gentleman there by the name of Gabriel, who heard Silas preaching and felt compelled to come. 

He brought his wife and severely disabled son.  His son, around 10 yrs old, could only crawl cumbersome on his hands and knees, paralyzed from the waist down, unable to walk.  He had been in this condition for a very long time.  The father asked Silas to pray for him.  Silas prayed but they didn't witness any immediate change, so the boy was carried home.

The father just recently shared, that he had formally practiced witch craft but had given his heart to Christ some time ago.  He said, he had never heard such preaching like that and felt the Spirit of God moving in that place and all over his body, during the crusade.  Once the family had returned home, they didn't witness an immediate change but the next day the father said to his son, as he left him with his grandmother, that he wanted to see him up and walking by the time he got home.

 He gave the boy a tire to lean on.  The child struggled to raise his body up with the support of the tire.  The son began to move about, cumbersome, lurching and dragging himself, but slightly moving forward, depending entirely on the tire to uphold him.  As he persisted, he started moving with more ease….previously pushing randomly with stiff, unmovable legs, now began to turn into a staggering, tottering motion of swaying baby steps, with little support, from the tire. Within moments, steps were becoming smoother, one after another.

The next thing you knew, he threw down the tire and began sprinting around the compound, continually!!!!  Such a remarkable miracle!  Praise God!! Jesus is indeed alive, raising the dead, healing the sick, causing the lame to walk and the blind to see! 

To Him belong all glory and praise, forever and ever, amen!

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