Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our team Canada

Our team Canada.

Our team from Canada arrived safely last week.  All 8 of them, fully in tact with all their luggage arriving on time.  Praise God!  The first couple of days were low key with them just visiting the projects in both Yogo and Seje.  They got the full welcome, with flowers, dancing and much joy!  Everyone was so excited to see our guests.

It was an emotional time for some, as they finally got to witness the fruits of their labors for the first time, rejoicing in all that God has done.  The work began with the men helping at the farm and picking out a ride-on rotter tiller to help with the monumental task of working the unforgiving land.  There were big cheers in the church as they announced their plans to buy the machine. 

They got a taste first hand at how hard the ground is here.  They rotated, taking turns, with breaks in the shade, making sure to stay hydrated and lathered in sun screen.  It has been very hot here with temperatures high in the 30’s.  They worked hard with the new tools that had been purchased!

The ladies began pouring into the children.  Marlin was sharing stories with puppets and songs.  The children participated exuberantly, thoroughly enjoying their guest. Theresa and Maurine worked with the older grades with team building games that the children loved!  It was much fun!  Later in the day Maurine with others and myself assisting taught some first aid to class 3 &4.

By Wednesday evening we had a surprise addition to our team, when John Green joined us.  He had some work to do in Kenya, so he hooked up with us too.  The team finished their day yesterday, with some high powered sports at a neighboring school, blessing others in the region.  I’m sure they must of all slept well last night!  Our hearts are full and we thank God for the precious gift of our visitors and the many gifts they have lavished on all of us!  You are so good Lord!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


On my way to Kenya or heaven?

Wow, I had quite the flight from Montreal to Paris, one I would never care to repeat.  The pilot hurriedly announce “decant” French for plummeting to your death, as the plane nosedived, rapidly dropping altitude in milliseconds.   People gasp, quickly reaching for a hand to hold, while children cried, terrified!  I wasn't sure if the lady beside me was going to hyperventilate or pass out before she got there?  The big burly six foot four guy beside me began heaving uncontrollably into his barf bag!  It was frightening.  I…….you guessed it………prayed like I didn't have a tomorrow!   I can honestly say my destination was unknown!  The winds were so high, that when the plane finally came to a safe full stop, we were rocking, tossed like a ship on the high seas. I've never experienced anything like it!
I am so thankful to be alive……

In Kenya!