Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Just reminiscing….

A collage of favorite memories of CBC’s visit.  This was a real hands on team.  I love that they were always ready to jump right in and experience life in Kenya.  

Charlene & Ephraim waiting for the guests to arrive.

The quick way to make friends.  Spenser meets Ephraim.

First greetings in Seje.  The team has traveled far and long!

Ephraim receives greetings from Seje student.

Ready for the challenge! 

The long trek with water.  The average Kenyan's water jug would weigh 50lbs!

View from the top.  They made it!

A little prince in Seje.

Radiant smile!

Diggin in!

Filming Josh, filming.  Hard at work!

Exercising fun at Gracious Academy.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Written October 19th 2013

Well, it’s official, we bid goodbye to our guests.  Our morning started early at 5:30am so we could squeeze in one more adventure.  Last stop, the Equator, where we received both a lesson in geography and science.  (That’s what happens when you hang out with a microbiologist.)  


We decided to put things to the test.  Is it really true that water spins in different directions on either side of the equator?  I’ll let you be the judge after you have a look at our video footage. 

Here we have the Northern hemisphere.

Here we have the Southern hemisphere.

Here is the very center where the magnetic pull is centralized at zero/zero degrees North/South.

The verdict is still out as to whether Leah is any heavier in the Northern or Southern hemisphere!?

Silas & Leah testing the weight theory.

Just one more sleep! 

(Written Oct. 18/13)

Yesterday was quite the day.  Our guests headed back to Seje School to finish photos and begin digging the holes needed to secure the play structures.  Poor Judy managed to get bitten by two angry ants that pack a bit of a sting but are not poisonous. We did run in to a poisonous spider but Judy was quick to take care of it with a swift stomp.  The digging proved more strenuous than one would think so they rotated by pairs at each station, when one grew tired.  It worked well.  I can’t wait to see those joy filled faces when they get to try out their new playground. What a blessing!  The only play structure that would be similar can only be found in Kisumu which is about 95 km away.  No one has seen such a thing in the village.  I will be back to take some photos of that!

Jeff and his new friend in Seje.

After lunch the Seje community had a farewell service to bless our guests.  Our guests brought many thoughtful gifts that they were giving.  The Gracious Academy has been blessed with some great supplies and teaching aids.  From pencils to toothbrushes, crayons to world maps, it was there.  They had also prepared a card with a picture of the Sunday school class in CBC with their love and greetings.  Many of the sponsored children received a letter from their sponsors as well. Each were given a toothbrush and two suckers.

To the surprise of our guests, the Seje community gave them some beautiful hand carved African artifacts. Our guest were touched by their generosity, not expecting anything.  They were given in the Kenyan tradition through song and dance.  It was a bitter sweet time as we celebrated all that God has done and bless our guest as we bid them fare well.
Two of our teachers in Seje

Once again we marvel at all God has done.  The hearts He has knit together, the joy He has spread.  The incredible ways He provides and blesses beyond what we would dare to ask for or hope…  Our hearts are full!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Our day with the CBC team,

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and I was too excited to go back to sleep.  God has been doing so many marvelous things around here.  It seems He is just lining up so many things for us.  Today I am happy to report that I will be able to start blogging more often!  I have learned how to tether my phone to my computer, so that may resolve my network issues even from home in the village.   I haven’t had a chance to try it there yet but I have tried it in more remote areas where modems don’t work but my phone does.  That is the same kind of set up as home, so I am confident that it should work there too.  Also I have just learned how to upload video footage.  Yeah!  Praise Jesus!  So, it’s like I can just bring you home with me.  How delightful! 

Today with our guests we have visited our school, Gracious Academy, in the village of Seje.  We were making frames for the students, for the pictures we took during the VBS.  They were so excited.  What a great keep sake!

We spent time visiting, taking pictures and more pictures and then some more pictures!  What beauties!

One of our many beauties of Seje!

Leah and Christine enjoying children taking Ugi. (Porridge)

Our guests also wanted to try working the land to see just how hard it must of been for the community members to dig the trenches 3km for the water pipe installation.  They marveled at the strength and tanacity of their Kenyan friends.  Add the hot African sun, thorns, rocks, hills and rough terrain and most of us would give up after just a few minutes.  What an incredible work the community of Seje has done.  Your fortitude is outstanding!

Annalise trying her hand at digging!  It requires full body effort!

 I am finishing with my first blog video.  Yeah!  It is the welcome our guest received as they entered our school in Yogo.  Here is our Yogo V.O.S.H. Academy greeting our friends from Canada.  Be blessed!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Enjoying our guests

Written on October 16, 2013

Just a bit of an update.  Our guest have all arrived safely last week but unfortunately most of their baggage didn't arrive with them as it went on to another destination.  We sweated that one out a bit as even the teams instruments were with the misdirected luggage.  It was touch and go as to whether or not, they would have their instruments in time to minister during the crusade, as they had planned.  It took a couple of days to sort out the issue but eventually all was accounted for, just in time.

The crusade went very well and we are already getting testimonies of people that were healed during the crusade.  God is so faithful.   The Kenyan’s enjoyed the different flavor of worship from our Canadian guests, so everyone was blessed!  

Yesterday was quite a remarkable day.  Our guests planed a VBS day for their children at Seje.  They were prepared to engage a group of about 124 students but they had a report from another team that did an event in that area, the day before.   That team was surprised to receive over 300 students at their event because word travels quickly in the village.  So the night before, our guests made adjustments to accommodate roughly 400 children, just in case.  

Two of our guests from VBS

It turns out that we had over 750 students show up from schools in the region, with a total crowd of over 1,000!  Praise God there was enough for everyone.  Even unexpected help arrived, as the other team decide to pop in for one last visit.  Everyone ate and participated in the activities.  Photos were taken, bracelets were made and the Word of God was shared, as excitement filled the air.  It was incredible!  The whole village was blessed!!

Our other big news around here, was that last week, Ephraim lost his first tooth.  It turns out the tooth fairy does frequent Kenya.  Ephraim was surprised to find his blessing in Kenya shillings. LOL!

First tooth!