Friday, 5 October 2012

I have a burning in my heart tonight.  Sometimes it's so easy to get lost in complacency and settle into easy and comfortable.  A place where life becomes predictable and feels safe.  After a period of time of resting there, it becomes almost natural to make life all about me, my wants and desires.  Soon my world is so small and I find myself living for me.  I become small in my thinking, small in my desires, perhaps nursing wounds of disappointments.   I stop dreaming, and thinking big, past my own boarders....  I start to settle and downsize in my heart......  Lord forgive me for those times when I stop reaching for Your greatness, for Your vision, for Your hopes and dreams.....  Forgive me for wanting to take the easy road, rather than Your road....  Lead us Father into Your heart and where you would have us tread.  Let us walk courageously into a world that is so in need of Your love and care.  Let us not shrink back.....  Let us not grow weary...  Let us not back down.... Let us love as You love......
                       Your love never fails.......1Corth13:1-8 amplified

Will you go?

                              Where will you go?
                        Where are you willing to go?
                 Will you go into the deepest and darkest places?

                                          Could you go?
                     If God was asking you to go, would you go?

                           If God asked for your life this night, would you give it to Him?
                                           How much are you willing to lay down?
                                                    How much do you want to keep?

                                                           How far would you go?
                                            What if you knew you never walked alone…

                                      What if Gods love was sufficient for your every need?
                                                         I mean if you really believed that…

                                                              Where would you go?

                                                                               Who could you save........?