Friday, 23 September 2011



The raw beauty of the village
Well, we have been here for almost two weeks now, so we are starting to settle in.  Life is very different here and I find myself searching for new reference points, wanting to anchor something tangible and concrete but they are ever shifting.  No two days are the same, each with their challenges and joys.  So I am free sailing, out of my comfort zones, into the wild unknown.  I am grateful that Christ has promised to be an anchor for my soul or I would be so lost.
Everyone here has been so kind and helpful.  Kenyan people have such a gift of hospitality, that I have found unmatched elsewhere.  They work tirelessly and reverently before God.  I marvel at how they can accomplish so much in a day’s work.  I’ve been laughing at myself, wondering how I will ever get Ephraim to school on time for 7:30 am, seeing how it takes me almost until noon to get us all up, bathed and feed and I wasn’t the one making breakfast or fetching the water.   LOL.  I’m hoping and praying that with practice and time and by the grace of God we might make it there on time.  I’ll let you know.
The drillers have arrived.  Praise God!
We are excited that the drilling for water has begun in Yogo village.  The company seems very impressive, with a good reputation, coming fully equipped and knowledgeable about the work.  Now we pray that they find a clean, abundant supply for both the community and the farm.  The survey has been done but it is not an exact science and requires much effort.  The large machines have helped to clear our narrow bushy roads, so we have a bit more space driving into the village.

How many people can you fit on one couch?
   I continue to covet your prayers for our family and guests that come and go but especially for Ephraim who only has 5th gear.  The land is unforgiving here with many dangers, even in the simplest things.  He can’t share food with the locals and we have to be diligent about where he plays.It has been very tiring for me and others.  He is a full time job!  Some of that will be resolved when he starts school but there is a whole other set of issues to overcome with school as well.  I am grateful for the bit of reprieve I get when in Kisumu as it is safer and cleaner play.                          
Speaking of school, we had a chance to visit Seje the second village that Youfeedthem is working with.  They are about to build desks for the students so in the interim they sit on small stools and write on benches.  We shall not despise the day of small beginnings, as we know God has so much in store.  So Seje School now affectionately named “Gracious Academy” has kicked off with 31 pupils, a teacher and a cook.  Halleluiah!  Let us continue to believe God together for great things.  Missing you all and praying that everyone is doing well.  Many blessings, until the next time...        

Thursday, 15 September 2011


It's official, we have all arrived safely in Kisumu Kenya.  Who would have thunk it?!??  That we would find ourselves here so fast?  Our house sold within a week, for a good price, praise God!  We managed to sell and give away practically everything we own, and now after dreaming and believing, standing and shaking, moving and quaking, here we are.  God is so gracious. 

We have spent over a month of send offs, 5 churches, dinners and parties, so we go with our hearts full, feeling so loved and supported.  A great big thank you to everyone for the kindness, love and generosity. We are grateful for your continued prayers.  Also a very special thanks, packed with lots of hugs and kisses to my family, who although were sad to see us go, gave us their bravest faces and best wishes with oodles of love.  What more could we possibly ask for?   A big hug to Roberta and family who drove us to the Pearson Airport.  We were all a little whipped, but thoroughly enjoying our latest addition to our family, Philip.  He will be staying with us for a month and we are thrilled.                 
Mammoth Burger

Mammoth Bite

Mammoth Awe

 Our last supper in Canada at the Pearson Airport, concluded with my husbands aggressive pursuit of the "Baconator" but sadly none could be found.  Oh Wendy's how you have let us down.  He managed to settle for another that boasts it's giant size but it failed to satisfy like his beloved "Baconator".  (Maybe next visit, Canada) 

2 days awake and still playing strong!!??

I was particularly thrilled that both the Pearson and Amsterdam airports have a refuge for parents and a haven for kids.  We had to personally upgrade Ephraim's air ticket to First Class after almost two days of no sleep.  Luckily we didn't get caught. LOL
 Many blessings to you all.  Until the next time, may God bless you and keep you.

First Class Upgrade


Last chance for McDonald's