Saturday, 11 June 2011

Will You Walk With Us In this New Adventure

Kimberly and Silas just married - who knew where
God would lead us in a short few years...

Dear family and friends:

Receive our Calvary greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.   We hope this letter finds all of you doing well and enjoying the warmer weather.  We are writing to share a bit about what God has been doing in our lives and the new direction He is leading us in.

We can testify that God is so faithful to do all that He has promised.  After God joined Kimberly and I together in 2004, He began stirring our hearts to begin some dreams that He, long ago laid in us.  After God connected a number of people together with us, God birthed youfeedthem and a number of projects.  

Together by the grace of God and with many gracious partners, many of you, have made possible; self-sustainable, duplicateable farming,  the building of a school with 62 children in attendance, women’s empowerment projects, undertaking basic medical services to the community, immunization to children as well as laying the foundation for the clinics, mission trips, bicycles for pastors, bibles in native tongue, clothing for the poor, building homes for widows and orphans, caring for elderly with dignity and for the terminally ill, youth projects, church growth, worship teams developed, pastoral training, clean water and much more.
This little clinic struggles to meet the needs of over 6000 people

Although much of this work takes place in Kenya we can’t help but acknowledge the many Canadian lives that these projects through direct or indirect contact have impacted.  We marvel at how God continually touches and changes the hearts and lives of those that go on our mission trips or those that so tirelessly raise awareness, and who pray and give.  He is so gracious!  As each pour out, He pours back in, through incredible ways. We see His word fulfilled which says; “give and it will be given to you..” Luke 6:38

Since Silas’s return from the last mission trip in April, God has begun to speak to us that it is time for us, as a family, to return to Kenya.  We have been praying and waiting on the Lord concerning direction for our lives for a few years now and have heard nothing in that area until now.  (Prov 16:9)  He has been confirming this move to us and apart from that, things have been closing down here for us in the most unusual ways, in all areas.  For the past year due to continued circumstances and regardless of our best efforts, we have found ourselves totally dependent on God’s provision, month after month.  We can say whole heartedly in a very real way that God is dependable and faithful!  The trust and faith that has grown in our relationship with the Lord, lays a deep foundation for the steps ahead, where He is leading us.  We see His kindness and love on how He prepares each of our hearts both as individuals and as a family.

So we are stepping forward in faith on this next part of our adventure.  We believe this move is also instrumental and strategic for the growth of youfeedthem.  With us on the ground and our dynamic team here in Canada, we believe its sets us up for future success on a much larger scale and at a quickened pace. 

While in Kenya we will dedicate our time to daily management off youfeedthem projects but we also believe that God is leading us into full time ministry and the birth of others projects such as starting an orphanage, building interdenominational bridges within the churches, evangelism, worship through dance and much more.  With youfeedthem still being a young organization, it is not currently in a position to provide a salaried position for us.  It is our intention to implement some business to support us as a family but these all take some time to put into place. 

As we take this next step, as friends and family we want to kindly  ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us as a sponsor for the ministry and missionary work.  Your sponsorship will allow us to be able to undertake what God has called us to do.  Perhaps you would consider a monthly commitment for a year to help us get started, or perhaps you can give a onetime gift or cover us in prayer.

Unfortunately, due to the specific nature of our contracts  with the churches that partner through youfeedthem, we are unable to provide taxable receipts for these gifts to us personally, but we know that this, in no way ties the hands of God whose promises remain unchangeable.  We trust Him to bless you in the most generous ways.

This marks a bittersweet time for us as we close one chapter and say goodbye for a season and a time, and yet in the same breathe, marks a time of rejoicing, walking into dreams and promises that have laid restlessly in our hearts until now.  We don’t know how to begin to thank all of you for your love, support, encouragement and blessing in our lives but from the depths of our hearts, receive our love and gratitude. 

Many blessings,
In the love of Christ,

Silas & Kimberly


  1. God is so Good! We will be following and supporting you during this next Season of your incredible journey!

  2. Thanks for your support and your heart to stand with us!

  3. Welcome home Men and Women of Christ, we gonna walk with you to the promises of God. Read; Deutronomy 31:8, Isaiah 43:2, Mathew 28:20.

  4. God is so faithful. Thank you for the encouraging scriptures Jacob. You sure are a surfing man. Ha ha You don't miss a beat! Not to mention a fine man of God! Can't wait to join all of you. Pray, pray, pray!!

  5. God is Good All the Time! Your move will physically take you far from us (which will create a social gap for us for sure!), but we will be together in the Spirit. We will follow you step by step and God will be with you step through steps. When He closes a door, He always opens another one; a better one. It may look dark in between, but his Sun will always shine on those who believe and persevere!

    May He stand with you through the vision.

  6. Kimberly/Akoth17 June 2011 at 20:28

    Thank you Maisha. It does our heart good to know that no matter where God takes us, near or far, that you always stand with us and we can count on your best wishes and prayers. Your family has been a joy in our hearts and we will miss all of you dearly but we trust God to keep us all close in spirit, until the next time we meet.

  7. Silas & Kimberly
    We welcome you back to Kenya as you begin this new phase of your life. We believe God is with you and he will never leave nor forsake you. He has promised to be with you. Life is a walk of faith and such are the acts of faith. You have pleased God by walking in faith. He will be there for you. We are also here for you as friends and family. We will share the little the lord will give us. Karibu Kenya sana.